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Biosecurity, Emergency, and Disaster Planning Webinars


MHU Lunch Chat: Vaccinations and Biosecurity During Your Horse's Spring Check Up

April 29, 2020


MHU Lunch Chat: Planning for Your Horse's Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 31, 2020


Biosecurity for Horses

April 2017

Biosecurity, as it relates to horses, is referring to management practices that reduce the risk of infectious disease on a farm. This webinar, offered by My Horse University and Extension Horses Inc., will give an overview of biosecurity and discuss preventative measures you can take to keep your horses safe at home and when traveling to other farms or events. This is a very timely topic with the upcoming show and trail riding season ahead. The information in this webinar will be pertinent to horse owners, farm managers, and equine event managers.


Reducing Risks on the Horse Farm

July 2015

Whether or not you own, board, teach, or ride in an equine facility, you can help to decrease the potential risks at that barn. Almost everyone can come up with a horror story of accidents, crashes or "near misses" at a stable from the past or present.


Giving Your Horse the Best Chance During Disasters

September 16, 2014

Participants in this webcast will learn practical things a horse owner should know, and can do, that will reduce risks to horses during fires, floods and storms. This webcast is presented by My Horse University, Michigan State University Extension and the Extension Disaster Education Network.


Tips for Protecting Your Barn and Horses from Disease

February 22, 2011

Is your Horse Farm at risk from an equine version of “Typhoid Mary?” Do you know the most likely ways that your horse may be exposed to disease? How can you decrease your horse’s chance of infection in case of an outbreak? How do you care for, handle or clean up after a sick horse has been identified? This Webinar will give practical evaluation methods and advice for prevention, protection, and proactive ways of minimizing disease risk in your horse facility.

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