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Biosecurity for Horses


Biosecurity, as it relates to horses, is referring to management practices that reduce the risk of infectious disease on a farm. This webinar, offered by My Horse University and Extension Horses Inc., will give an overview of biosecurity and discuss preventative measures you can take to keep your horses safe at home and when traveling to other farms or events. This is a very timely topic with the upcoming show and trail riding season ahead. The information in this webinar will be pertinent to horse owners, farm managers, and equine event managers.

Presenter Information

Dr. Judy Marteniuk is an associate professor of equine medicine and extension in the Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department at Michigan State University. Originally from Canada, Dr. Marteniuk received her D.V.M. in 1975 at Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1984, Dr. Marteniuk received a Master’s Degree in animal nutrition at MSU.

Dr. Marteniuk practiced veterinary medicine in the field early in her career before joining the Michigan State University Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department. She educates veterinary students and works directly with clients and their horses. Her 30 plus years of experience make her a valuable member of the MSU Extension equine team.

Over the years, she has received several teaching awards from the university as well as volunteer awards for working with various therapeutic riding programs. Dr. Marteniuk lives in Perry, Mich., with her family and raises sheep, goats and chickens and has several horses pastured on her small farm.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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