Many factors need to be considered when determining how to best condition your horse to meet your goals for the upcoming show season. While physical conditioning plays a major role in how your horse will perform, other factors including how to avoid injuries and...



Once your mare is pregnant, what do you do next? Most novice breeders have a great deal of concern about the nutritional program that the mare requires to deliver a healthy foal. In this web presentation, we will show you that it is not as difficult as you might...



When it comes to selecting the right hay for your horse, green is good. However, that is not the only selection factor. This presentation will help horse owners learn about the other factors that go into choosing the right hay for their horses. This presentation...



Older horses are becoming an increasingly important component of the horse industry. This presentation will describe the clinical problems associated with PPID as well as summarize current knowledge about the cause of PPID in horses.

We will also discuss recommen...


Selecting a new horse can be an exciting, and stressful endeavor. A horseman with a trained eye for conformation recognizes traits in a horse that can influence how the horse may be able to perform for various events. The phrase “form to function” commonly demon...


Selecting the right youth horse for your child is one of the most important purchase decisions you will make in your horse endeavors. A good youth horse is a special equine friend, instilling confidence and good life skills to its young owner. However, the wrong...

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