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Bits and Bitting


Selecting the correct bit for a horse is dependent on a number of factors including the horse's level of training and the rider's experience level. Knowing how a bit functions and distributes pressure on a horse's face is essential for determining what bit is appropriate. This presentation will discuss the difference in direct versus leverage action of a bit, how the diameter and shape of the bit effects the bit's action, and will describe the pressure points on the horse's face that are affected by bits and hackamores. In addition, bit selection for different stages of training and training problems will be discussed.

Presenter Information

Dr. Spooner joined the WVU faculty in 2008 as an assistant professor and Extension Specialist focusing on equine management.

She teaches in the Davis College, which offers a minor in equine management for students who want to learn more about horses or pursue careers within the equine industry.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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