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Genetic Testing in Horses 2019: What tests are available and what are they based on?

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Valberg

Date: April 25, 2019

Time: 12:00 pm ET

Webinar Description: This talk will provide an overview of commercially available genetic tests for diseases in horses, the breeds that are affected, and information on their scientific validation.


Professor, Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Mary Anne McPhail Equine Performance Cente @Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Stephanie Valberg, the Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine, is professor and director of the Neuromuscular Diagnostic Laboratory. She received her DVM from the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College and her PhD in equine exercise physiology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She is board certified in large animal internal medicine and veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation. Valberg is an international leader in understanding and managing equine neuromuscular disorders. The overarching goal of Valberg’s research and clinical work is to define the basis for neuromuscular disorders in horses, develop accurate, minimally invasive diagnostic tests, and produce optimal methods for preventing or managing performance limiting diseases.

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