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Recorded Webinar: Dealing with Opposition to Equestrian Trails

Speaker: Mark Flint

Date Recorded: March 19, 2019

The most effective way to prevent opposition from derailing a trail project is to ensure there is none – or that opposition is so minimal as to be insignificant. Understanding the causes of opposition is critical to moving forward. Though there are a variety of circumstances that can generate opposition, developing your organization and communication plan long before any trail plans are made can go a long way to ensure a broad base of support for trail projects. Mark zeroes in on this topic, and will lead you through a few simple steps to that can not only help you develop a support network that ensures success, but provide support in other areas, such as finding and managing volunteers and fundraising. Watch the recorded webinar below!

About the Speaker:

Mark Flint

Mark Flint is a professional trail designer from Tucson Arizona. Owner of Southwest Trail Solutions, the company has designed trails in Vermont and Nevada as well as in many parts of Arizona. Also working as a part-time trails program coordinator for Pima County, Mark was heavily involved in the design and construction of the Arizona National Scenic Trail in Southern Arizona. Mark has a good feel for all around trail use and users. Growing up on cattle ranches, Mark was riding horses from the time he could walk, and worked as a cowboy before opting for a more secure career choice. He has been an avid mountain biker, hiker and backpacker, focusing at last on his first transportation of choice, horses. Mark is a chief regional steward for the Arizona Trail Association, and is author of “Desert Trails: Designing and Building Trails in a Harsh and Demanding Environment"

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