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Summer School Starts Now

Summer School Starts Now With My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest FREE Online Certificate Courses

Don’t let your learning stop with summer vacation - Sign-up now for FREE online certificate courses to expand your equestrian education.

When taking a break from your summer fun, consider expanding your equestrian knowledge. Funded through USDA grants and Cooperative Extension, My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest offer FREE online certificate courses for the equestrian. There are courses that specifically target youth, professionals, volunteers and even prospective horse owners. Below is a sneak peek at four FREE opportunities that can fill your summer downtime.


Horse Sense is a horse safety course developed for youth working with horses as well as their employers. However, this course is great for anyone that wants to learn more about horse safety. There are eleven self-paced short courses, which include videos, links and activities. Students will receive a certificate for each successfully completed short course.

You can select from the following courses (take just one or take all 11—you decide!):

  • Horse Behavior

  • Horse Handling

  • Horse Manners

  • Grooming

  • Horse Keeping - Daily Care and Management of Horses

  • Training & Exercising

  • Machine & Chemical Safety

  • Traveling with Horses

  • Biosecurity on Horse Farms

  • Horse Health

  • Employer/Employee Relations

Click this link to register and to get started!

Take a SNEAK PEEK at this video from Horse Sense: Approaching and Haltering a Horse.

EQUINE BUSINESS NETWORK Many equine professionals seek continued education for professional development. The Equine Business Network offers a free online short course series that connects horse business professionals with land grant universities, equine business experts, networking opportunities, and other helpful resources.

Five FREE online short courses are offered with a focus on contract/employee labor law, liability issues, working with youth and volunteers, immigration documentation, and farm safety practices. Each course consists of a webinar, interactive quiz, a decision tool, and online resources. Webinar speakers include experts from the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University and an expert on worker safety from Michigan State University. Upon completion of each course participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Equine industry professionals are also encouraged to join the Equine Business Network (EBN) community through Facebook and Twitter.

Online registration is for these courses are free of charge. For registration information visit My Horse University.

Take a SNEAK PEEK at this decision tool from the EBN course Liability Issues of Horse Operations and Veterinary Practice.

HALTER The Horse Adult Leader Training and Educational Resource (HALTER) Program is a great resource for volunteers of youth horse clubs like 4-H, FFA and Pony Club. This progressive series of lessons offers equine science information, student activities, and techniques to foster positive youth development. This course places emphasis on fostering safe horsemanship skills and sportsmanship in our youth, making it a must for parents with horse crazy kids.

Once you have successfully completed each level, and their associated requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion.

REGISTER NOW for the FREE HALTER Certificate courses

Take a SNEAK PEEK and watch this video clip on the progression of training young horses.

PURCHASING & OWNING A HORSE 101 My Horse University offers a freeself-paced, online short course for horse owner newbies or wannabes. This is also a great course for horse crazy kids, parents of horse crazy kids, and horse crazy adults. While most of the topics are geared towards first time horse owners, all can benefit from the refresher course in horse buying and selling, and daily management.

Topics in the short course include:

  • Matching horse and rider

  • Shopping for a horse

  • Behavioral problems to avoid

  • Sales contracts

  • Pre-Purchase exams

  • Facility management

  • Basic equine nutrition

  • Basic equine health

  • Equipment selection

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