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Shivers and Other Muscular Diseases


Shivers is a confounding disorder in horses which causes them to pause with their rear limb flexed out behind the body after which the leg is forcefully placed back to the ground. Backing up and picking up the rearlimbs are the most common triggers for Shivers and most horses walk forward with a normal gait. The cause and treatment for this condition is unknown. In this seminar we will review the variety of symptoms that occur with Shivers, the progression of symptoms and possible causes. Muscle diseases such as polysaccharide storage myopathy which have been associated with Shivers will also be discussed.

Presenter Information

Stephanie Valberg is professor and Director of the University of Minnesota Equine Center, St. Paul MN. She received her undergraduate degree and D.V.M. from the Ontario Veterinary College, completed a Ph.D. in equine exercise physiology at the Swedish University of Animal Science as well as a residency in internal medicine at the University of California – Davis. She is a Board certified internal medicine clinician at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Valberg’s research centers on neuromuscular diseases in horses with a special focus on genetic diseases of skeletal muscle and their nutritional management. She has received several research awards including the Distinguished Women Scholar at the University of Minnesota, the EquiSci International Award and the Pfizer Award for research excellence and has over 110 scientific publications. Dr. Valberg is a frequent speaker at national and international veterinary, nutrition and genetic conferences.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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