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Second Chances for Horses

Summary Rescues have increased in both number and importance to the US horse industry, even as we come out of the economic recession. Horses enter rescues for a variety of reasons. Some are there because they have not met expectations at the track or show ring. Others enter due to financial issues and some may have experienced neglect or abuse. Often, the new owner must rehabilitate a rescued horse with little to no background in the horse's health, temperament or training. This webinar will discuss health care issues specific to the rescued horse as well as day to day management and re-training.

Presenter Information

Colleen Brady is the Purdue University Extension faculty member providing leadership for the 4-H animal sciences program and a member of the Animal Sciences department's Life Science Education Team, which works to develop innovative and effective formal and informal educational programming for youth. Dr. Brady focuses her research on measuring increases in science competency in youth due to participation in animal science-based programming, as well as exploring motivating factors affecting youth decisions to participate in those programs.

Dr. Judy Marteniuk is an associate professor of equine medicine and extension in the Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department at Michigan State University. Originally from Canada, Dr. Marteniuk received her D.V.M. in 1975 at Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1984, Dr. Marteniuk received a Master’s Degree in animal nutrition at MSU. Dr. Marteniuk practiced veterinary medicine in the field early in her career before joining the Michigan State University Large Animal Clinical Sciences Department. She educates veterinary students and works directly with clients and their horses. Her 30 plus years of experience make her a valuable member of the MSU Extension equine team. Over the years, she has received several teaching awards from the university as well as volunteer awards for working with various therapeutic riding programs. Dr. Marteniuk lives in Perry, Mich., with her family and raises sheep, goats and chickens and has several horses pastured on her small farm.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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