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Health Concerns for the Overweight Horse


This webcast will discuss health concerns for both under and overweight horses, with an emphasis on the overweight horse. Most horse owners understand the potential issues with horses being too thin, but may not be aware of the issues associated with the other extreme. Following this session, horse owners will be able to assess if their horse is over or underweight, and have strategies to manage their overweight horses.

Presenter Details

Dr. Brady is the Extension faculty member providing leadership for the 4-H Animal Sciences program, and a member of the departments Life Science Education Team that works toward developing innovative and effective programming for youth in formal and informal education areas. Dr. Brady focuses her research on measuring increases in science competency in youth due to participation in animal science based programming, as well as exploring motivating factors impacting youth decisions to participate in those program. Dr. Brady collaborated with extension educators across Indiana, as well as industry representatives, and Extension Specialists nationwide.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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