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Riding Arena Footing and Management


Understand the physical principles of arena footing and selection of arena footing materials. After installed the arena, learn to manage the footing materials. Each riding surface will have advantages and shortcomings. Footing will change over time learn how to manage the footing material accordingly. Understand the principles of surface maintenance and indication of when footing material needs to be amended or replaced. Lean why equestrian facilities are so concerned about dust control; and why prolonged dust exposure is a serious environmental and health hazard to horse or human.

Presenter Details

Dr. Ann Swinker, Associate Professor in Equine Sciences, Penn State University and Horse Extension Specialist has been involved in the horse business for over 35 years. Ann began her career as manager of an Arabian Horse Stables in the south western Pennsylvania. During that time she was involved in breeding, training, marketing, importing and showing a herd of purebred Arabian horses. In 1990 to 2001, Dr. Swinker served as the Extension Horse Specialist at Colorado State University and as a professor of Equine Science. Dr. Swinker has received several awards from the National Association of County Agricultural Agents and American Society of Animal Science. Dr Swinker was named “Horse Person of the Year" in 2001 by the Colorado Equine Council.

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