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Protein Requirements for Horses


Protein is perhaps the most misunderstood component of the equine diet. Protein is used in the formation of tissue, including muscle, as well as to make hormones, enzymes, and anti-bodies. This webcast will explore the make-up of protein, common means of supplying protein in the diet, and recommendations for dietary protein intake for different classes of horses. We will also debunk common feeding myths regarding protein.

Presenter Information

Dr. Holly Spooner is an Associate Professor in Horse Science at Middle Tennessee State University. As the Clinical Specialist for Equine Health, she teaches courses in equine nutrition and exercise physiology and conducts research. Her research interests focus on nutritional and exercise interventions to improve performance of the equine athlete. Dr. Spooner also coaches the MTSU Stock Horse Team and assists with the nationally-renowned MTSU Horse Judging Team. Prior to coming to MTSU in 2012, Dr. Spooner developed the equine science program and served as an extension specialist at West Virginia University. In her spare time, Dr. Spooner judges for the American Quarter Horse Association and shows in stock horse events.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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