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Beyond the Feed Tag: Horse Feed Ingredient, Quality, Formulation and Safety Issues


Learn what the feed tag does not tell you and how ingredient selection, quality testing, formulation methods and safety programs can impact what you feed your horse.

Presenter Information

Dr. Randel Raub suspects his interest in horses was genetic. His father, uncles, grandfather and great-uncles were all horsemen, and the family owned a horse business. Director of Equine Business Development and Technical Service for Purina Mills, Dr. Raub is head of research at Purina’s 1,100-acre, 75-horse research farm near St. Louis.

Dr. Raub received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Illinois, and his Doctorate from the University of Kentucky where he focused on the effects of nutrition and exercise on growth physiology. Before joining Purina, Dr. Raub was the horse teaching and research specialist at Kansas State University for 12 years. Dr. Raub and his family are active in the breeding and training of ranch and western performance horses.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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