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Top 10 Tips for Coaching Youth Riders


If you work with young riders, you know that there is much more to it than just teaching them how to ride! Add competition to the mix and things get even more complicated. Join us for some ideas to develop your program and the young people you work with as we discuss the Top Ten Tips for Coaching Youth Riders.

Presenter Information

Karen Waite is an Equine Extension Specialist in Michigan and teaches and advises Equine students in the MSU Department of Animal Science. In her Extension roles she coordinates the Adult Equine Extension program, the Michigan Equine Survey, and is the Director of Leadership Development for My Horse University. In addition, she oversees the Youth Equine Extension program and is active with eXtension Horse Quest. Her teaching responsibilities include a variety of equine courses and she coaches the MSU Horse Judging Team, and is faculty advisor to the MSU Equestrian team. Karen is also a NARHA certified therapeutic riding instructor and oversees the Michigan 4-H PEP Program, for riders with disabilities. Further, Karen is a board member of the American Youth Horse Council and is a carded judge with the ABRA. With Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Animal Science, and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science with a nutrition emphasis, Karen is presently working on a Doctoral degree in Sports Psychology with an emphasis on equestrian sport and activity. In her spare time, Waite participates in All-Around events with her horse “Chip” and spends time with her husband Tim and her dogs “Gracie” and “Buddha”.

Watch the recorded webcast below!

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