Crash Course for Feeding Your Horse

The 2018 course is complete - check back for our Fall 2019 course! 

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This 4-week online course will help you make more confident horse feeding decisions.  The online course will be led by Dr. Christine Skelly, equine specialist for Michigan State University Extension.  Dr. Skelly will monitor the online discussion groups and lead a weekly video-conference meeting (don’t worry – we’ll record the sessions if you can’t make it).  In the course you will learn the important role the horse’s anatomy, physiology and behavior play when developing equine diets; how to classify horses by their age, workload and reproductive status; and craft individual feeding programs that meet their dietary requirements. 


By the end of the course you will be able to more confidently:

  • Select feeds based on your horse’s requirements

  • Monitor your horse’s nutritional status

  • Reduce feed costs without sacrificing feed quality

  • Manage your feeding program to improve your horse’s health and well-being


Course Units/Topics

Course includes four horse nutrition online units including:

  • Unit 1 Anatomy and Behavior

  • Unit 2 Nutrients and Horse Requirements

  • Unit 3 Selecting Feedstuffs

  • Unit 4 Feeding Management for Optimum Health


You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the course. 


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My Horse University is a national online program for horse enthusiasts based at Michigan State University, one of the top U.S. universities in Equine Science and Management, with MSU Extension. 

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