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General Health Management Articles

Description of the Equine Body Condition Score System


March 5, 2021

Study the BCS Chart below to learn more about how the scoring numbers 1 - 9 correlate with a horse's visible fat stores on their body.

Remembering Blue

Image 1.jpg

February 16, 2018

This month I am working on an article for our winter newsletter and webinar focusing on the older horse. My first horse, Bluebonnet lived into her early thirties. I showed her through her twenties. Once “retired” she packed around my mom, my best friend and even had her 5 minutes of fame on the evening news (that’s another story)!

Lameness in the Horse: An Owner's Overview


September 25, 2017

Horses are remarkably strong and adaptable creatures. The circumstances of domestication and use, coupled with the design of their own bodies, however, make them highly susceptible to lameness – the catch-all term for a host of injuries and ailments that impede a horse’s ability to move normally. Lameness can vary from mild to severe and from transient to permanent. Almost every horse will experience some kind of lameness during its lifetime.

Equine Emergency First Aid


September 25, 2017

A medical emergency is something all horse owners dread. When an emergency does occur, knowing what to do and being adequately prepared can make the difference between life and death for your horse. Have the necessary supplies on hand. Practice emergency procedures so that both you and your horse will be comfortable with them.

Responsible Horse Care for Summer


September 25, 2017

Proper year-round horse care is important to maintaining a healthy horse. Although you have no control over seasonal changes, they have an effect on horses that you must recognize. Extreme variances in temperature require adjusting your management programs for the benefit of the horse.

Cribbing Has Multiple Causes, Management Practices Can Help


September 25, 2017

A recently published analysis of nearly 20 years of research on cribbing will provide horse owners with valuable information about the behavior and ideas for management practices that could reduce the frequency of this undesirable equine habit.

Are You Ready for the Horse Care Challenges of 2013?


September 25, 2017

With the winter of 2012-13 behind us, it is time to start planning for 2013. If you believe the predictions, 2013 is going to be at best a repeat of 2012 in terms of rainfall and hay availability. Therefore, start preparing now!

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