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Equine Facilities Webinars


Healthy Horse Housing

May 13, 2019

Learn how housing options can affect the health and behavior of your horse. We will discuss the pros and cons of common housing systems including stabling and outdoor sheds and explore unique options including indoor group housing. Understanding how horses respond to their housing environment will help you make better decisions regarding your horse's health and happiness.


Horse-Friendly Zoning Practices in American Communities

April 2018

In this webinar, author Christine Hughes, AICP, will teach you about ELCR’s new guide on equine zoning. Christine will walk viewers through the guide and help you to understand and use the content and concepts. Of special interest are the descriptions of how individual communities around the US approach and regulate horse-keeping and activities through their zoning process.


The Basics of Planning and Zoning for Horse-Friendly Communities

March 24, 2015

Local governments of all shapes and sizes are using planning and zoning tools in their communities. This webinar will discuss the basics of planning and zoning, and will cover the tools of zoning codes and the comprehensive plan. In plain terms, learn how to understand what your property is zoned, how to get involved in the planning process, and what to look for relative to horse-friendly plans and regulations.


Riding Arena Footing and Management

November 2013

Understand the physical principles of arena footing and selection of arena footing materials. After installed the arena, learn to manage the footing materials. Each riding surface will have advantages and shortcomings. Footing will change over time learn how to manage the footing material accordingly. Understand the principles of surface maintenance and indication of when footing material needs to be amended or replaced.

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