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Equine Facilities Articles


Mud Management for the Horse Farm

April 27, 2021

Identifying the factors that are contributing to the creation and occurrence of mud on your horse farm may require some “out of the box” thinking and management.

Tractor Wheels

Tractor and Machinery Safety

September 25, 2017

Tractors and machinery play an important role on most farms, so it is no surprise that they are a leading source of agricultural injuries and deaths. Tractors provide power and adaptability to many farm tasks. However, there can also be a safety risk involved. Some of the hazards are easily found where others are hidden.


Riding Arena Footing Material Selection and Management

September 25, 2017

Unfortunately, there are no universal recommendations for the perfect arena surface or footing material. A “perfect” arena surface should be cushioned to minimize concussion on horse legs, firm enough to provide traction, not too slick, not too dusty, not overly abrasive to horse hooves, resistant to freezing during cold weather, inexpensive to obtain, and easy to maintain.


The Benefits of a Sacrifice Paddock

September 25, 2017

Recently, I visited a lovely farm that utilized a “sacrifice paddock”. This is a small, fenced-in part of the farm that is heavily used, causing it to become bare, thus allowing the rest of the farm to maintain good grass. I have come across other farms utilizing a similar area and, although it is not often discussed, a sacrifice paddock can be beneficial to the horse, the farm and the environment.

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