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Breeding and Genetics Articles


The Foaling Mare

September 25, 2017

The ultimate goal of any breeding operation should be both maximal foaling and a high survival rate of foals. Most mares will have a normal parturition if left unattended. However, the value of broodmares and their progeny can make leaving the process to nature an expensive gamble. As the value of mares and foals rise, having someone present during foaling can be valuable, allowing for immediate assistance to both mare and foal, if needed.


Breeding the Mare: Factors That Can Influence Conception Rates

September 25, 2017

A 65% conception (pregnancy) rate is considered average for a horse breeding farm. That means that 35% of all the mares bred are left open until the next breeding season. If your mare is one of the 35% open mares at the end of the breeding season, you may be asking the question “Why won’t my mare get pregnant?” This article discusses some major factors including fertility, breeding practices and nutrition that influence conception rates on the horse farm.

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