Carey Williams, Ph.D.
Extension Specialist in Equine Management
Rutgers University

What is Stress?

Stress is the body’s response to anything it considers threatening. For a horse this could be anything, including trailering and traveli...


In this presentation we will take a tour through the horse's digestive tract, learning about the uniquenesses and problems that could occur throughout. Horses need a specific diet to maintain the health of their gut; by the end of this webinar you will learn exa...


Winter can be tough for some horses depending on age or the climate that they have been adapted to. This webinar will cover some key points about the care and feeding management of horses to help them have a happy and healthy winter.

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Does My Horse Need Supplements? A horse owner’s visit to the feed or tack store can be overwhelming if you walk down the supplement aisle.   The choices are boundless, the manufacture’s claims are miraculous, but the research supporting these claims is unclear f...


Some types of stress include various physical stresses that are based on the physical makeup of the animal and its ability to respond to changes in diet, injury, etc. Psychological stresses are based on a horse's personality and its perception of life. This pres...

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